Sunday, 2 October 2011

And The Awards Go To...

...some of my awesome new friends and not-so-new-but-equally-awesome ones...

Leslie of Time Out For Mom
Janae of Diaries of A Grumpy Greatful Mom
Laci of My Perfectly Imperfect Life
Lisa of The O'Gs
Lyn of My Little Messy and Cheeky
Kim of My Inner Chick
Kim of Zook Book Nook
Stacey of Stacey's Mothering Moments
Angeline of Angeline's Side of Story
Kerry of It's The Little Things
Janice of Mommy's Lounge
Katie of Your Girls and Boys
Sarah Kate of Dixie Creek Farm
Sweaty of Do Sweat The Small Stuff
Deborah of The Monster In Your Closet
June of MamaWearPapaShirt
Theresa of A Mountain Momma
Jacqui of Chicktuition
Deirdre of JDaniel4's Mom

You, my bloggy friends have won the

This award was given to me by Cheryl of Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush. Cheryl is a sweet mama to several kangaroos and wallabies Down Under. If you'd like to know more about these wonderful Australian animals, please head on over to Cheryl's. And now, I have to link some of my old posts for the following categories...

1. Most Beautiful  A beautiful moment I shared with my son.

2. Most Popular  I got quite a number of comments on this post I wrote about blogging.

3. Most Controversial  The culprit is now in custody. She has denied all allegations and has accused her 4-year-old accomplice; who has also denied any wrongdoing. The hearing continues.

4. Most Helpful  This skill that I've acquired might come in handy as a coping mechanism for mothers. It's helped me keep my sanity many many times.

5. Most Surprisingly Successful  This post has an all-time highest number of pageviews. I really don't know why. My only guess is Macaulay Culkin must still be very popular.

6. Most Underrated  I got '0' comment on this one. Was it too scary or disgusting? You tell me okay.

7. Most Pride Worthy  I'm proud of writing this because It's a realisation that I need to address something negative in me and change for the sake of my family. Pouring my heart out about my weakness to the internet world is not only terrifying, but therapeutic as well. Thank you all who commented on this post and gave me some much needed 'therapy'.

And as an added bonus, I'm giving away this award too

Awarded to me by Kerry and Janice
Enjoy your awards friends.
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