Monday, 20 June 2011

Common Courtesies in Bloggyland

I just read on By Word of Mouth Musings, a post she wrote about being nice when commenting on someone's blog. It has prompted me to finally write this post which I've been meaning to write for the past few days.

I'm fairly new to blogging. It's been about 4 months now since I started. I've also only recently been actively blog hopping by joining linkies and blog hops. It's sad sometimes to see that people do not extend the same kind of courtesies one would in real life.

When someone comes to your home and says Hi, don't you at least say Hi back?
Sad to say it doesn't happen in Bloggyland. I've come across blogs where I've said Hi by leaving comments a couple of times but have neither received a reply nor a courtesy visit. When I leave a comment on a blog, I do appreciate a reply. If you get hundreds of comments on your post, I can understand why you'd find it difficult to reply. Some bloggy friends I know do not reply their comments but they do visit once in awhile to say Hi by leaving a comment. That's nice. It tells me my comments are appreciated and I am a welcome guest in their bloghome. From this experience, I now do not expect anything. If I read something that's good and worth commenting on, I'd comment and leave with no expectations.

Be respectful of other people's views
I recently read on a blog of how the blogowner lost her groove to blog after receiving some negative comments on one of her posts. She had told herself she wouldn't be affected by comments because it's her blog and her space to write her thoughts but as much as she didn't want it to affect her, she was. I can understand where she's coming from. Nobody likes to be criticised and everybody will feel bad when criticised. You don't visit someone's home, hoping to pick a fight or throw garbage all over the person's house, do you? If upon opening the door, you don't like what you see, close it and leave.

When you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.
Being respectful of other people's views would also mean when you have nothing nice to say, just leave without a comment. I believe that hurtful words should not be shared. Many people are quick to criticise but slow to praise. Human nature I guess. But, my parents have brought me up with good values and manners when communicating with people. I've been brought up to be polite and be very tactful when I needed to be critical of something. That's in real life but I do believe it can be applied to Bloggyland too, don't you think?

Let's support each other
Just like living in a community, we support each other by being friendly, encouraging and supportive.  My faith has taught me to always be nice to people and to always strive to be the light of the world. It's also taught me that what goes around comes around.

Just my two cents worth.

Ahh...glad I got these off my flat chest!

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