Monday, 20 June 2011

How to Make Healthy Lollipops For Your Kids

I don't like buying candy for my kids. In fact, I've never bought any candy for my kids. All the candy in the house have been kindly donated to us. Sometimes my son would ask for those lollipops that have been so strategically placed at cashier counters for kids to bug their parents to buy. And this is something I hate - being bugged for candy. What do I do? I'd pretend not to hear him, trying very hard to make myself look busy with my groceries. Sometimes I'd tell him that he'd have to go and earn some money to buy himself one and sometimes I'd tell him I'd go home and make him some healthy strawberry lollipops. Want to know how? Here's what you need....

1. Lolly sticks or satay sticks
2. Fresh strawberries (or any fruit your kid likes)

Wash the strawberries and poke them through the sticks. That's it! My son would take it just like that, but if your kid prefers it a little sweeter, dip it in some honey. You can try this with bananas, papaya, mango or any kind of fruit your kid likes. Nothing healthier than the fruit itself!

So the next time your kid asks for a lollipop, tell them they can help you make some natural fruity flavoured ones at home!

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