Saturday, 14 May 2011

10 Things I Hate About My Kids

As much as I love my kids, there are things I can't stand about them and about being a mom to them....

1. The smell of their puke. (my son's puke actually inspired this post)
2. How they always bug you for candy.
3. Their refusal to take naps.
4. Having to clean their behinds after a BIG one. I'm only doing it in the hope of them returning the favour when I'm old and bedridden. Do unto others what you would like others do unto you.
5. Having to worry about them when they're sick.
6. Having to worry about everything else about them for LIFE.
7. How they make you repeat yourself a hundred times before they would clear up their toys.
8. How my daughter will not leave me alone for just 2 minutes.
9. How they treat you like you run a Lost & Found service. My son is ALWAYS asking me where his toys are.
10. How they treat you like a slave - "I want my dinner now!"; "Buy me this toy!"; "You read this book to me now!"; "I'm DONE!" (that's when he commands me to clean his bum bum)

So there, that's just 10 compared to the countless reasons why I'm completely in love with them!

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