Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Aussie Package Has Arrived!

G'day! G'day! G'day!
I'm feeling a little Australian today.

Thank you all for your well wishes yesterday.
We're all feeling a lot better today.
Love to all.

Today I'm sharing what came in my mail yesterday.
I mentioned in a post last week that I won my first giveaway prize from Kerry's blog
Well, it arrived at 1:36pm yesterday!! 

I was so excited I wanted to rip the box open to see what's inside, 
then I remembered that I have a blog....BLOG FODDER!! 
So I resisted the temptation to tear the box open,
grabbed my camera instead and snapped away.

AUD31.25 is quite a hefty amount for postage!

Ready for the great reveal?

__    __
@   @


Are you curious to know what's inside that little bag?

~      ~
>    <


It sure wasn't easy keeping two little candy-deprived kiddos away from these goodies 
while I tried to take some pictures.

And this lovely card from sweet Kerry

With a sweet note inside.

Thank you Aunty Kerry!

We love Australia!!

It brought great cheer to this virus-infected family
Thanks so much Kerry!!

Now go say Hi to Kerry at, It's The Little Things, Down Under.
She's a very warm and friendly person; a wonderful mom blogger and bloggy friend.
And I'm not saying this just because I got a goodie bag from her. 
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