Saturday, 20 August 2011

Life's Lessons - The Sick Family Edition

You might want to wear a mask before reading this.

Linking up with the lovely ladies behind Life's Lessons, Rach and Sara to note down what a sickly week I had this week

Life With Baby Donut

1. For the past few days, my throat has been so sore I was ready to cut it out with one of the knives my mom gave me.

2. Only problem is, I don't know which one to use.

3. I had a headache 3 days in row and was pretty sure mincing knife was the one to use to chop my head off and stop the pain.

4. But thankfully a few tablets of paracetamol did the trick.

5. My head is safe.

6. I realise now that I often get sick because of my kids and there is just no way of stopping the virus from spreading around family members living in the same home.

7. No matter how careful you are about sharing stuff.

8. So this awful bug's been having a whale of a time here, hopping from my son, to me, then to my husband and now my little girl.

9. On top of that, my boy was scratching himself the whole day yesterday and had patches of rash all over his body. The poor boy was so disturbed by it that we finally decided to take him to the doctor's.

10. I had earlier expected Chicken Pox because one of his classmates just got it; but the doctor said it was post-viral urticaria.

11. Oh yes, now we're all coughing.

12. You wouldn't want to be anywhere near us at this time.

13. As an extra precaution, please wash your hands after reading this.

Here's wishing y'all a great weekend
and a virus-free week ahead!
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