Friday, 19 August 2011

Photo Guessing Fun #5 Answer

Thank you once again, friends, for helping me guess what this icing knife is used for...

Here's the answer

Yes, I no bluffing you.

It MUST be used 
for cutting frozen foods!

If you're wondering what the other two knives are called...

I figured that a mincing knife would probably be used for mincing. (got that wrong with my guess)
A piecing knife would be to cut foods into pieces. (don't all knives do that?)
But an icing knife..???? I wouldn't need such a sharp knife to put frosting on a cake now, would I?
And the icing knife I'm used to certainly doesn't look like that.
So, it was a funny moment for me when I found out what it was made for.
Oh, and I wouldn't have considered using any of these knives as a screwdriver or bottle opener either;
for fear of cutting off my fingers in the process.

You thinking I clazy woman ah?

Well that's England in China for you there!

Do check out the diversity of answers to PGF #5!

Hope y'all had fun!
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