Monday, 22 August 2011

When Yang Met Yin

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This week's prompt was given by Kim, the genius mastermind behind Zook Book Nook. Thanks Kim, for a challenging prompt this week: Yin Yang

This is based on a true story.

When Yang met Yin, they didn't know they were made for each other. Yang annoyed the life out of Yin. But she loved his gentleness and his quirky humour that always made her laugh. They got together and stayed together through highschool and university. And after being together for almost 10 years, they got married. Yin truly feels she has found her Yang. Her partner on the see-saw of life. Someone she feels completes her and gives her the balance she needs in achieving inner peace (yes, taken from Kung Fu Panda 2). Here are some instances where both Yin and Yang were able to achieve that balance. 

1. Yin: "I'm too lazy to walk to the shop and it's hot."
    Yang: *sigh* "Okay, let's take the car."

2. Yin: "I don't feel like cooking today."
    Yang: "No neeeed, no need to cook okay?" (more than happy to eat out)

3. Yang: "I'll eat Maggi Mee when I come back." (on his way back from a working trip after being away from home for a week)
    Yin: "Haven't you eaten enough junk already? I've cooked chicken rice and will leave some for you."

4. Yin: "I don't even have time to crap!" (sobbing and feeling a little postpartumy after having her 1st child)
    Yang: "You're doing good. You're a great mom, dear."

5. Yang: Asked waiter for more mint leaves in Yin's curry noodles because he knows she loves them.
    Yin: Was "yanged" out by his sweet thoughtful deed.

6. Yin: Had a bad day and looking like she is about to murder someone.
    Yang: Without being asked, bathes the kids and washes the dishes.

7. Yin: "There's a SHOE SALE going on!!"
    Yang:*sigh* "Go, go, gooo"

8. Yin: loves staying indoors and is a very homey person.
    Yang: loves going out and never likes staying home.

9. Yin:  Couldn't multiply peanuts and is a complete idiot when it comes to dealing with financial matters.
    Yang: Loves numbers, is a graduate in Accoutancy and is working as a Financial Consultant.

10. Yang completes Yin
      Yin completes Yang (she hopes)

If you're a Yin, have you found your Yang?
If you're a Yang, have you found your Yin?

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