Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Things I've Won In Life

I don't think I've accomplished very much in my life - not in school or my working life. I guess the biggest accomplishment for me so far is to have made and given birth to my two angels. But I have won a few things in my life. Things that I feel deserve a little place here in my blog for remembrance's sake:

No, not from fighting a war, but from swimming. I was a state and national swimmer when I was about 12 years old. I used to train at 5am in the morning before school and would go for a second session of training after school, at 6pm. That was life back then. As difficult as it was to wake up that early and jump into the freezing cold water, I had a great time and will always cherish that experience.

A Walkman
The prehistoric kind that used a cassette. When I was 15, my English teacher entered a cartoon that I drew for a contest and it won me 3rd placing with a walkman as the price.

Boy: Hi Dad! What are you doing?
Dad: I'm taking your Grandpa to the old folk's home.
Boy: Don't forget to bring the basket home. I'll need it someday!

It was a cartoon drawing contest on moral values. I don't know how I ever did win with this cartoon - whoever carries a person in a basket?!

I won 2 tickets to watch David Copperfield (the magician) from writing a slogan. Well actually my dad wrote the slogan and used my name. So, I didn't win it with my own effort, but I did have to lie to the reporter who came to interview me, that I was just so good with words and slogans. My poor Pa, didn't even get to watch the show - I went with my mom. Thanks Pa, I am eternally grateful!

A Cartier coin purse
This was truly an easy win. All I had to do was be lucky enough to sit on the right bar stool. About 10 years ago, I was at an event for divers at a pub with a friend when this nice gentleman offered me his bar stool (it wasn't his lucky day but got to give it to him for being chivalrous - something not very common these days in men). And this little purse was stuck under the stool as a prize. Whoever's tush that was on the stool at the time they announced that there was a giveaway, was the winner. My tush - Me - the lucky winner! Poor guy, I did offer it to him but he declined - how chivalrous again!

My husband's heart
He married me didn't he? It wasn't love at first sight though. We knew each other way back when we were in kindergarten. He only fell head over heels in love with me when we got to know each other better in highschool. He was smitten by my wit and my ability to look at things in a dirty way (yes some men do like that in their women).

Yes, I actually won something in my short time of blogging. Well I didn't actually win a thing, (although Erica did think of giving me an iPad), but I did get the most votes for last week's Lovelinks link up - so that made me a winner. If you missed my award winning post, check it out here.

Erica of free fringes has a link up called Lovelinks every Tuesday, where you can link up a favourite post for some comment love and voting fun. Hop over to Erica's to check it out and link up your post. Who knows, you might be the next winner of Lovelinks.

"Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is"
Zig Ziglar

"Winning is not everything, but winning a lottery would make me ecstatically happy"
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