Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How To Get My Kids To Like You

Take them to McDonald's
You know, that place with the big yellow 'M'? Oh and you MUST order fries. Better yet, get the Happy Meal with the toy inside.

Let them win at games
My kids don't like losing. Yes, they have to learn to lose sometimes but if you're just out to get them to like you, let them win. Better yet, lose like you're the biggest loser ever.

Buy them stuff/toys
With my boy it'd have to be anything and everything Transformers, Cars or Buzz Lightyear. With my girl, it's shoes, shoes and more shoes.

Get an iPad or iPhone
No, you don't actually have to buy them an iPad or an iPhone, just have one when you visit. Make sure you have either that game that can turn their little finger into fruit slashing ninjas or the one with very frustrated birds.

Have a Nintendo Wii in your house
I promise you with this, they will remember your name, how you look like, which street you're on, the type of house you stay in and the colour of your gate.

Get them candy
This can be tricky. If you choose to use this method, you must be consistent and persistent. You must make sure you give them that same candy all the time until they see you as that candy (they might even call you by that candy name). You also have to give them often enough for them to remember you as that candy - then and only then, will they like you. I will not recommend this method but if you don't mind their mommy liking you instead, you can get chocolate (fruit and nuts please).

Act like a child
Yes, relive your days as a child. Be a child-like adult - make silly faces, silly sounds and prance around like a monkey. Please do not wear a clown costume - it will scare the s#@t out of them.

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