Monday, 18 July 2011

Young Kids Should Be Banned From

Sheoh Yan of Blog With Yan tagged invited me to share my list on the above topic. So, here's what I think young kids should stay away from...

1. Eating too much candy and getting themselves hyper.
2. Watching too much T.V. until they get a glazed look on their faces.
3. Ben 10.
4. Being disrespectful to older people.
5. Being disrespectful to their maids.
6. Playing with electronic gadgets at the dinner table.
7. Playing violent computer games - the blood and gore types that let you gain points by shooting someone in the face or slashing them in half.
8. Playing senseless computer games - the kind that requires movement of a single finger and practically no brains to play.
9. Eating junk food that make them crave for more.
10. Taking too much food with artificial food flavouring and colouring.
11. Sleeping too late. (guilty)
12. Watching DVDs in the car. (Come on, don't they already get enough T.V. at home?! Seriously, kids should learn to watch the outside world. There's so much to see and learn from a moving car. Please don't make your kids watch T.V. in the car! We just drove past a car the other day with 2 T.V. monitors in the car - one for each kid - I don't know what to say.)
13. Taking over an hour to finish their food.
14. Passing gas in their sibling's face.
15. Belching at strangers. (Yes, a kid did that to us while we were enjoying our meal at McDonald's the other day)
16. Not eating at the dinner table. (guilty).
17. Watching T.V. while eating (guilty).
18. Answering "I don't know" when asked a question.
19. Wearing their mother's shoes.

Okay I better stop here before I bore the daylights out of you. Call it a tag if you wish but I would like to invite the following bloggy friends to share their list on what they think young kids should be banned from doing:

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Have you got a list to share?
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