Thursday, 7 July 2011


Laughing is fun. I love to laugh.  Laughter lightens a tense moment. Laughter builds bonds and creates friendships; even when it's laughter in written form: HAHAHAH!!! Laughing is therapeutic. It helps you produce happy hormones in your body. I can't think of a better medicine for stress and anxiety than laughter. I'm sure mental health professionals and psychiatrists-to-be would agree with me. Laughter heals sometimes.

I laugh....

when I fool around with my kids.

when I see them laugh.

when my hubby acts silly with me.

when my son says "I don't love your anymore"

when I see a funny photo,

or a funny video,

or read something really funny.

when I write silly.

when I see someone trip over something in a funny way. (Not good, yes, but there's a scientific explanation for this)

when I hear a really good joke.

when a friend has a contagious laugh.

when my kids say the craziest things.

My son loves to laugh too and is always trying to make me laugh. I encourage this and will act silly with him like making funny faces and funny sounds. He loves it and it strengthens the bond I have with him. We would have our laughing session and it always ends with a hug and kiss from him.

When was the last time you laughed?
'L' is for Laughter

Jenny Matlock

Sharing the happiness of laughter with Jade of No Longer 25
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