Thursday, 7 July 2011

Photo Guessing Fun #2 Answer

Okay I was being nice with yesterday's photo. All of you got it right! How very clever! Mama's real proud of you for knowing your statues...

The Statue of David
by Michelangelo

Congratulations to

(Go check out these bloggylicious moms and Mr Bloggylicious too!)

Here's your

Being put to very good use here. 

I took this picture when my hubby and I honeymooned in Italy.
This is just a replica of the original statue.

An interesting fact about David:
There is some controversy surrounding the fact that the David in the statue is not circumcised when the real life king would have been.

Article Source:

Curious to know what lies under 'A' now, aren't you? Go get a better look of David's *ahem* here.

Thanks y'all for participating. Hope you had fun!
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