Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Age Guy

Yup, that's my son according to some friends of mine.

Today was progress report day at his kindy. His first for this school. His teachers told us that he's very mature for his age, participative in class, helpful to his fellow classmates, very sociable, confident, progressing very well academically and on the right track, BUT very sensitive. Cries easily. It's not something we don't already know. I personally feel that it's okay to cry. He expresses his disappointment by crying. He doesn't wail or throw a tantrum, he just gets teary and pouty. I don't suppress his need to cry because I feel if we do that he will not have an outlet to express himself.

Overall, I'm so proud of my little fella. Knowing that he is progressing well in school has made us feel that as parents, we are somewhat on the right track also, in parenting him.

I'm a proud mama today.

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