Friday, 10 February 2012

Tipsy Friend - Nadia of Mama and the City

Finally, I have a post out after a blogless week! But, it's not from me. I have someone special here to blog for me and it's Nadia of Mama and the City. She volunteered to be my Tipsy Friend today and has done me a great favor in keeping Kiddothings alive. She's here today to share some tips on how to enhance our physical appearance. Welcome to my bloghome Nadia!


Tips to boost our physical look

Thank you Germaine for allowing me to post my friendly tips on your blog. I’m happy and honored to be here.

First, let me start by stating the obvious; Women are beautiful and we all are as better as the one next to us. But, there are times when our self esteem or our own personality strive for a change; we are allowed, we are different, ...we are unique.

Sometimes dressing good is not about how much money is invested in our wardrobe (okay, sometimes, it reflects a little more) is how we choose our clothes, is how well we know our body and our body tones. Here I present only 3 basic tips that if followed carefully, it can boost your wardrobe and your look by 50%.

Do you see any difference in the picture below?

Source: Swimwear Shack
This point is not to be stressful. Instead, it is to remind ourselves that we ALL are different in shape and in height. Why do I remind you this? Because many women get frustrated by the look of a certain outfit, not resembling at all the image on a catalog or in the picture above the rack at the store. Because many women get disappointed that the size marked on the clothes do not fit nicely or comfortably. Let’s switch our point of view and think that particular brand or manufacturer is not for your type of body. Blame it on them, never on your body. Once we accept their styles, designs and shapes are not for us we will be able to move on and find the brands that indeed are.

So, your homework: start paying attention on how your body looks to a specific style. Never be afraid of trying, because once you find your style or brand, your shopping will get easier.

Do you ever notice color on people? And by that I don’t mean being racist or the bloody red, electric blue or vomit green. No. What I mean is how some people stand out from the crowd by wearing black or even white? Some people know very well what works on them.

Source: Jewelry Classroom

I am a very observant person and in my quest to define why some people stand out from a crowd even when their physical attributes were not related to good genes, that’s when I really started to wonder; “why am I looking at you pal?”. Color makes you or breaks you - simple.

Start paying attention to color combination in magazines or even on the street. At a mall, look at the window settings and figure out their logic for such colors. Stay away from the black for a while and focus on the tones that work with your skin tone. Do not go by impulse or what color you have been dragged to all your life. Again, I recommend taking pictures of yourself and ask a friend what they think a color looks good on you. You would be surprised how fast this becomes a no-brainer activity.

Always said it is an accessory to our look. There are two things here; color and style. The same as the two above, knowing your taste and what works for your daily routine and image it’s crucial. Hair it’s the cherry on top to your look. The color of your hair needs to be taken into account too especially when looking at color combination. I noticed when I had light hair I needed to wear darker colors to have a nice contrast, now that I’m brunette wearing white clothes makes the trick like a charm.

Source: Auburn Hair Colour Chart

I hope these simple tips help you start thinking about it. Once we become mothers our outlook changes and we can easily get stuck in daily or old routines. A fresh take on our look can improve our mood and therefore a better self.


Okay, I'm definitely pear-shaped. I know I won't look good in psychedelic pink and I definitely will look odd being a blonde. Now, to go shopping for some clothes that would work best on my pear-shaped body ;)

Thanks for being a Tipsy Friend Nadia!

Do check out Mama and the City, and follow Nadia on Twitter or Facebook. You can also learn more about her over at Bruna's when she was the featured Let's Bee Friends guest.

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