Monday, 13 February 2012

I Crafted, I Sewed, I Decluttered

Don't Pin It, It's a joke. 

I crafted, I sewed, I decluttered.

I crafted felt toys and learning materials for my kids. I made felt planets and taught myself astronomy. I'm smart enough to tell you now that you cannot assume that Mercury is the hottest planet in the solar system just because it's the closest to the sun. It is not and I was telling my son that it is, for a week before I decided to Google and find out for sure. Also, did you know that Jupiter has 63 moons?

I sewed 2 pairs of pajama pants for my daughter. One was big enough for her to swim in and the other was just right (bordering on too tight) with no space for growth. I also sewed a little skirt that didn't quite have the desired flare. I sewed an apron from a kitchen towel and a sunhat for myself. I have Ms. Pin to thank for all my sewing adventures thus far.

I decluttered my back room and store room. The back room was supposed to be a guest room but it has been a dumping ground for the past 5 years. It was (is) a convenient dumping ground. Everytime somebody gave us something we don't know what to do with, we tell each other - "put it in the back room first". We would have said "put it in the store room first" if the store room hadn't already been filled up ages ago. I also realised, from decluttering, that I am an obsessive compulsive hoarder of used wrapping paper, ribbons, paper bags and cardboard. Anything recyclable actually. I have thrown/recycled 2 garbage bags full of what I hoarded and it was therapeutic! I don't even know why I keep some of those things. I'm amazed and appalled at myself. I've kept a boxful of these things to feed my obsession though.

I ate, I played, I loved.

I've been eating way too much. My thighs are waiting to burst open the seams of my pants and I might just have to settle for skirts soon for comfort's sake. I eat when I cook, I eat when my kids snack, I eat my kids leftovers and that is on top of eating the 3 main meals of the day. And I've finally weaned my daughter who's been helping me keep my weight down from nursing off me. My kids have discovered new play things on my body - my wobbly, jelly-like tummy, calves and underarms. They don't even need to go to the playground anymore. I should stop eating like that.

I've spent more time playing with the kids and just being with them. I've spent less time thinking about what I should be blogging about. I've been able to get my thoughts to flow into writing when before I slowed down, I've felt constipated of words.

I've felt really good since slowing down. I've been more patient and I've felt more loving towards my hubby and kids. I've generally been a much nicer me to my family.  I'm lovin' it!

I hope life's been good to you.

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