Tuesday, 14 February 2012

26 Would Have To Do

I came across an idea recently over Pinterest, for a Valentine's gift where you compile 52 reasons why you love your spouse. I tell you, it is not easy to come up with 52. I did try though and could only manage 26.

I love you, Dear, because...

1. You make me laugh
2. You let me be myself
3. You're inspiring
4. You manage my money
5. You helped me make this

6 ..... and this

7. You protect me from my fears
8. You help me kill cockroaches
9. ...and get rid of dead ones.
10. You accept my weaknesses
11. You make me want to be a better person
12. You make me happy
13. You have a generous heart
14. You're a wonderful father
15. You are a fantastic husband
16. I feel most at ease when I am with you.
17. You're patient with me - most of the time
18. You know what I like - most of the time
19. You're a filial son
20. ...and son-in-law
21. You're smarter than me - most of the time
22. You are my rock
23. You are the only one who can put up with my crap (besides my parents, that is)
24. You are everything I am not
25. You showed me LOVE
26. You are God's greatest gift to me.

I Love You Dear!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Made these for my son's snack pack this morning.

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