Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Picnesday - The New Arrivals!

I mentioned that I decluttered my back room recently. 
Turns out my dumping ground has also been a nesting ground...

Nope, I don't keep chickens or ducks in my back room 
Besides they're really not that big.

Meet Sammy and Sammy!
Names courtesy of my son.

Ain't they cute?

I found them among some stuff I've been hoarding and I was about to throw them away 
when my son insisted we keep them and wait for them to hatch. 
We waited...and waited...and waited. 
Until he asked me over the weekend
why they haven't hatched yet.
I told him they may not because perhaps they needed to be incubated.
Obviously he asked me what "incubate" meant 
and I explained to him how a chicken had to sit on it's eggs to help them hatch.
The next thing he said to me
"Can you please do it"
Which I take it to mean
"Then sit on those eggs and make them hatch, pronto!" 

So can you imagine how delighted I was to find
Sammy and Sammy jumping around in their hatchery!
My only thought was
"Yay! I didn't have to incubate them!"

Sammy and Sammy
born Monday, 13 February, 2012
released Monday, 13 February, 2012
into the wilderness that is...
my front porch.

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