Monday, 30 January 2012

Taking A Step Back

It's been a week over since I wrote my last post. This blogging break has been wonderful to say the least. I have not unplugged like this since I started blogging and it feels really liberating.

And now for some shocking news.

I have made the decision to discontinue Picnesday as a linky and Tipsy Friends as a guest series. Okay, not that shocking I know, but it's still news. I blame it on the mandarin oranges,...a long break and too much time to think. I will now write only when I feel really compelled to or have something significantly nonsensical to tell you all about. I apologise for any pain caused by these changes. (let me fantasize will ya?)

Do not despair, I'll still be around for Picnesday once in a while and have a post out here and there whenever I need a little blog therapy. But I feel I can't commit to doing linkies on a regular basis anymore. I feel that it wouldn't be fair to have my friends link up with me every week when I can't commit time to doing theirs. I'm discontinuing Tipsy Friends for the same reason that it wouldn't be fair to have friends guest post here when I won't be able to reciprocate. I have a guest post over at a Canadian friend's place this Friday and I imagine that it would be my first and last guest post for the year. Of course, if you feel you'd like to be a featured Tipsy Friend, do drop me an e-mail - I welcome voluntary guest posts.

To my dear bloggy friends, I'm sorry that I won't be able to visit and comment on your blogs or link up to your memes as often as I would like to now. I'll still be lurking behind the scenes of my Google reader though and will occasionally make an appearance or two.

Mandarin oranges aside, I've made this decision to give more time to my family and get my life more organised. I want to thank YOU, my friends and family, for coming by here to read and leave me your comments. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate that.

I know some of my readers may wonder what I actually do as a blogger. Blogging is not just about writing. For me, it has been a lot about building a community of like-minded blogging friends. It has been about interacting with them through replying comments on a post I have written. It has been about visiting bloghomes of my friends to say hi and to tell them how much I appreciate what they have written. It has been about linking up with memes to make writing fun. It has been about visiting other linkers to share each other's creative writing. It has been about blogsocialising over Twitter and Facebook. It has been for me a lot of time invested into it.

It has been rather overwhelming lately.

I feel I can't keep up anymore. I'm constantly feeling guilty for not visiting or commenting, replying or linking up. And I haven't been able to balance all that and still have quality time for my family. Therefore, I'm taking a step back, friends. I'm even feeling guilty right now for making that decision. I am so sorry and I thank you so very much for the support you've given me and my blogging.

This is starting to sound like I'm quitting blogging. No, I'm not quitting just yet but I'm slowing down...before I lose my mind. What an irony - I started blogging to keep myself sane and now it's started to drive me insane.

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