Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sharing Inspirations

Cookie's Mom has a meme every month to bring together some of the best we've read and written. Here's mine to share ...

I'm a Christian, unless you're gay by Single Dad Laughing
This post will speak to everyone who believes in making the world a better place. I've only just discovered Single Dad Laughing through this post of his. I think it was through a tweet by Julie. If you're not already following him, you should. He's such a wonderful writer.

My Bully Pulpit by The Monster in Your Closet
I discovered Deborah's blog when she guest posted on Cookies Chronicles. She writes some serious, thought-provoking posts sometimes but she can also be downright silly with her dance moves and her love for drawing stick figures. I thought this post is so important for parents to read, be aware of bullying and work together to put a stop to it.

Tipsy Friend - Leslie of Time Out For Mom
If you are a parent, or rather a mother, this post will touch your heart. Leslie was my last Tipsy Friend for the year and she did such a wonderful job with this post about letting go and leaving a legacy for your children.

My Mother's Daughter by Do Sweat The Small Stuff
Sweaty is one of my favourite writers. She writes beautifully and every time I read her posts I feel myself drawn into her world. This post reminded me of my mom and how when you become a mother, you'll always be one to your children.

The Wonders In My Life by Runner Mom
Jen can weave words together and make me *sigh* in awe and admiration. There are many of her posts that I like but I've chosen this one because...I just love it. Beautiful pictures to go with it too.

Oh, if you need a good belly laugh, check this out - Kid History #6 by Cookies Mom. Definitely the funniest video I've seen for the month of November!

I'm also into reading food and recipe blogs because they're inspiration for me to cook and bake for my family.  Here are some of the posts that have encouraged me to cook/bake something new for a change...

Fish Fillet Soup with Vermicelli by Quay Po Cooks
I've only recently discovered Quay Po and she's a joy to read. This recipe took more work than I thought it would but it was well worth it. My son exclaimed when he ate this "Mommy, thank you for making this for me. Can you cook this for me again?!", Yes of course, when Mommy's not feeling too lazy.

4C's Bars by Ping's Pickings
4Cs stands for Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie. If you like Chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake, why not combine them both? My son said to me when he ate this "Mommy, I love this. Thank you for making this for me. Please make this again next time!" Yes, Mommy will certainly make this again because Mommy loves it too and can't help stuffing herself with some, everytime she walks into the kitchen. I made them say "Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheese Cake" before they could get a piece. Mommy gets an extra piece when they couldn't say it right,  Muahahahahaa

Talkin' Turkey by MamaMash
I've been following Julie's Monday Meals and have been inspired to cook because she makes cooking sound so easy. I think Julie shared some really great tips for roasting turkeys here. I know Thanksgiving is over but for us folks here in Malaysia, turkey eating only happens on Christmas. Yup, we eat the leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Italian Wedding Soup by MamaMash
I cooked this but switched up the recipe a little because I was too lazy couldn't get some of the things required. But it turned out delicious anyway.

and one recipe that I simply have to make...

La Truffade by Footprints in The Sand
Barbara shared this simple, sinful recipe which I think is quite idiot-proof. And serving it up with such a fancy name will certainly make me look good. ;)

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