Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Picnesday - A Special Edition

I have a very special co-host today

Zook Book Nook

In my last e-mail with Kimberly,
I was told that she is expected to deliver her third baby daughter TODAY!
She might have already given birth to her beautiful baby by the time I post this out.
I hope all is well with her and her new family.

In doing this guest post for Kimberly's Newborn Series,
I was given the opportunity to also celebrate my babies.
Will you join me over at Zook Book Nook, to see what I've shared over there?

You can either leave your link here or at Kimberly's.
Comments here are closed but I do hope you'll head on over to Zook Book Nook
to Congratulate her for being a mother again for a third time!
Thank you so much.

Happy Picnesday Friends!

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