Thursday, 29 December 2011

Holiday Hangover

It has been 8 days of getting high on good food, good company and good nannies. It's back to reality now and it feels like a hangover. Here's what caused the "high"....

A nephew's birthday party,
2 family dinners in a row,
2 turkeys,
Baking gingerbread cookies and a lasagne,
Midnight mass with the kids for the first time,
A lunch meet-up with our hometown friends,
Lots of Christmas presents,
Our 8th wedding anniversary,
A wedding anniversary dinner with family,
Fruitcakes and a gingerbread house,
Eating out almost every night,
A few glasses of wine, a can of beer,
and a partridge in a pear tree.

And here's the hangover....

Back to my house that hasn't been cleaned for 10 over days.

Back to just me and my hubby to deal with the kids.

Back to having to cook for the family.

Back to having to think of what to cook.

Back to a big load of laundry.

Yes, all these while nursing a cough, a cold and a sore throat.

In spite of it all, it feels good to be home. After 8 days of not knowing what to do with myself....besides eat, it feels good to be back in the line of duty. I haven't been blogging much since the holiday season and It feels like my brain needs a little rewiring. I apologise if I've been slacking on reading and following your blog posts. I hope to get back into form next week once I get settled back into life as usual. Thank you so much for still coming by.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and are all set to usher in the New Year!
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