Monday, 5 December 2011

Her Favourite Words

My 2-year-old daughter's favourite words


1. Pink - as much as I disapprove of it, it's her favourite colour.
2. I want! - when she sees ice cream, fries or junkfood.
3. Milk? - when she wants a fix.
4. Other side? - when she wants a double fix.
5. Princess - what she calls herself and every other Disney Princess looking things.
6. Nothing. - when she just did something she's not suppose to.
7. Mine! - when she claims possession to things she thinks she owns.
8. 'member? - when she's recalling something and asks if you remember it.
9. Are you done? - what she asks you when you're busy on the throne.
10. I'm done! - when she's done on her throne and needs her tush cleaned.

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