Friday, 9 December 2011

The First 2 Months

So, the girls over at... a lot of places (I'm just going to go with Jen here. You'll meet the other fabulous 7 at her place) are hosting a linky to wrap up a whole year of your blogging journey. I thought I'd give it a go to reminisce on how I first started and how it's turned out for me in my first year of blogging.


Once upon a time, there lived a mom of 2, who knew nuts about blogging....

Really?! You have a BLOG?! Oh WOW! 

My first reaction when told by my hubby's cousin that she has a blog. That conversation sparked an interest in me to have my own blog - to have something to call my own; an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. Something to keep me out of the mental asylum.

Okay this can't be too hard to do. Go to Blogger (I thought all bloggers blogged on Blogger) and sign up for an account. You have nothing to lose and it's absolutely FREE!

So began my blogging journey on 17 February 2011.

What should I call my blog? What shall I blog about? Who will read my blog? Oh yeah, me.

And for the first time I gave birth to something without the aid of the epidural - my first post: What's in a party pack?. My son was about to celebrate his 4th birthday and I was busy doing up his party packs at that time.

After that, I just went on to blog about my kids...

What I made as a gift for my son's 4th birthday,
What I teach my kids,
How they drove me crazy,
What I cook for the family.

I even wrote the shortest post EVER! Someone ought to give me an award for this. Yes, The Shortest Post Award please. Thank you.

Then, after blogging for 42 days and minding my own finally HAPPENED!

Yippee-Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!! I got my first ever comment!! And, I didn't just get one comment! I got 3!!!

Here's the coveted post : I'm So New To Blogging That...
You can't see the comments there now because of Intense Debate, so I'm going to share the comments here:

"haha, your post made me laugh. I am new to blogging too, there is so much to know! I'll have to check out blogging for dummies. I think that might really help me! I look forward to reading more and invite you to follow along with me too." by momsaid

"Hi, found your blog searching google to see if other folks were starting up with blogging too. I did blogger a long time ago, but just getting going again. This post brought quite a smile to my face as it reminded me very much of the first few days way back, when I signed up with blogger the first time. Cheers, and happy blogging!" by cbeck

"Stick with it. You'll be amazed at where a good blog can take you on the web. And in life. :)" by Wendy Peirsal

So, they might have been spam (I'm pretty definite the first one's not) but who cares - they certainly made my whole month! I think only another blogger would understand the thrill and excitement of getting your first ever comment.

And so began a wonderful addictive love for blogging, writing and meeting virtual friends for this mom of 2 who knew nuts about blogging.

Want to play along? 
Link up with these lovely ladies! 

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