Friday, 4 November 2011

Tipsy Friend - June of Mamawearpapashirt

I 'met' June not too long ago and if I can remember correctly, it was through my guest post over at Natalie's that I got to know her. She's a sweet lady who's a great writer, a wonderful mom to two adorable kids and a loving wife to a huggin' husband. I'm really happy to have her over today as my Tipsy Friend. Welcome to my bloghome June!


I've been enjoying Germaine's blog for awhile now, and have been linking up with her lovely Picnesday feature every Wednesday. So when she invited me to be her Tipsy Friend (guest-blogger), I nearly jumped off my bed (where I had been snuggled in rather peacefully with my iPad). I wanted to shout YES! But quickly realised that she's all the way in Malaysia, and she wouldn't be able to hear me.

As I pondered over what I could possibly write for her blog that might be vaguely interesting, I realised that it was only because of technology that we were able to find each other in the worldwideweb of blogs. That thought was what inspired me to write this post about my love-hate relationship with technology...

- I heart technology because it grants me mobility and speed - I can be transported to the moon at the speed of light.

- I hate technology because it makes me impatient. (When the kids can't get their bums moving, don't you ever wish you could click fast forward?)

- I heart technology because it occupies my toddler while I bother myself with house-cleaning.

- I hate technology because I'm worried that she will grow to become a dysfunctional, unsociable creature, with obsessive compulsive clicking disorder. (Like me.)

- I heart technology because it allows me to do more than I've ever done in the past - at any one time.

- I hate technology because I can't seem to have a proper conversation with a friend without either of us glancing at our mobile phones every time they light up.

- I heart technology because it has stretched my world - I know so much more about the universe and the people living in it because of Google, everyone's friendly search engine.

- I hate technology because it has shrunk my world - I no longer need to step beyond my room door to access information and purchase things. (Which also means my butt is getting bigger from being plastered to the chair.)

- I heart technology because it helps me save time - I can check my emails, search for information, steal borrow from other people's ideas, and of course, buy things.

- I hate technology because before I know it, it's past my bedtime.

- I heart technology because there's so many new, fun and interesting things to read, tweet, share, and pin everywhere online.

- I hate technology because it has numbed my ability to smell the fresh flowers, feel the breeze on my face, and hear the birds cooing.

- I heart technology because I am the master of my image - I can beautify photographs, create a LinkedIn profile, blog, or website, and control the information that's shared with everyone (more or less).

- I hate technology because it makes me forget that what really matters is not what people see. It's who I am inside.

- I heart technology because I can keep in touch with people I love scattered across the globe and even make new friends (like I did with Germaine).

- I hate technology because at times I get so caught up that I don't even say 'Hi' to my own husband who just walked in the door. (Okay, quite frequently nowadays.)

I ...

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point by now.

Do you heart or hate technology? Why?


I heart technology because it has made information so easily accessible. I hate technology because my kids will never know what it's like before Google came along. 

Thanks so much for sharing your heart-hate relationship with technology here today and for being a great Tipsy Friend June!

Whatcha waitin' for friends? Technology's helping you get connected with June over at Twitter and Facebook!
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