Monday, 31 October 2011

A Halloween List

If you don't already know, I am a Malaysian staying in Malaysia. If you don't know where Malaysia is, look for Singapore on the map and shift your eyes up just a wee bit. That's Malaysia. In my country, Halloween is celebrated in a BIG way - only in the malls. We, as a family, do not celebrate Halloween. But, since the Listmaster Stasha suggested we do a list of Halloween things this week and being one who usually follows the prompt *cough*, I thought I should do one too. Coincidentally, CoffeeChatMaster Leslie over at Time Out For Mom also gave us a Halloween prompt this week. So, I thought what perfect timing for me to come up with a list of How NOT to celebrate Halloween.

1. Don't scour the internet for costume ideas.

2. Don't get a costume or try to make one. Thinking of one is fine. My son told me that he wants to be a skeleton for his imaginary Halloween this year.

3. Don't get a pumpkin to carve. A watermelon is acceptable, but try not to carve anything scary on it. Sweet Leslie, after reading how deprived I was of Fall and the whole pumpkin thing, sent me a link for watermelon carving ideas. I thought I might give this one a go...


4. Don't scour the internet for pumpkin carving ideas.

5. Don't make anything with pumpkin in it.

6. Don't eat anything pumpkin. Pumpkin seeds sold in packets are okay.

7. Don't decorate your house with spooky things. Since we're on the topic of spooky houses, I just wanted to share a scary scene I encountered when I woke up this morning...

This is usually how it looks like...

I thought a Halloween Housekeeping Goblin dropped by.
Then I remembered my Mom is down for a visit.
The Occasional Housekeeping Angel.

8. Don't stock up on candy. Candy that is already lying in the house is okay.

9. Don't play tricks on anyone.

10. Consider this a warning: Do not, I repeat in bold and capital letters, DO NOT go trick-or-treating in a costume around here. The neighbours will call the police.

And a Happy Halloween to those who DO celebrate Halloween!

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