Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Delicacy

How would you enjoy a delicacy?

You would.....well, be delicate with it.

You would savour it, bit by bit, taking in all the gastronomical pleasures every bite has to offer.

You would try to comprehend it's unique taste and texture.

My son was delighting himself in such a delicacy the other night...

"Boy, what are you eating?" my hubby asked.


"What are you eating boy?!" my hubby asked again.


Hubby started to snigger.

I was nursing my little girl at time, but didn't want to miss out on such an interesting conversation...

"Huh...what is he eating? I asked.

"He was eating his 'PEI SEE' booger in Chinese!!!", my hubby exclaimed while sniggering.

"He was enjoying it, picking at it bit by bit...HAHAHA!" he added.

My hubby is a big bully when it comes to these things. In order not to embarrass my son any further I asked, while trying to contain my laughter...

"Boy, why were you eating your 'pei see'?"

"I don't know", my son answered.

"You don't know? Then why were you eating it?"

"It tastes nice."

"Tastes nice?! What does it taste like?"

"Like flour."

My 4-year-old connoisseur of fine boogers.

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