Monday, 10 October 2011

My Family Tree

Momalog came up with this week's topic of Family Tree for Monday Listicles, which I found to be quite a challenge, since there is little I know of my family before my grandparents. In fact I wasn't inspired to do a Family Tree Listicle until just a while ago, as I was at the park with my daughter, looking at the trees that surrounded us. So, this is what I was thinking about as my daughter was trying to poke sticks into the ground in the park...

My Family Tree

1. It's Roots are from China.

2. The Ground on which it grows is that of Malaysian soil.

3. The Trunk of the tree is my great grandparents who, as Chinese immigrants, travelled from mainland China, by sea I would presume, to settle down here in Malaysia.

4. It's Branches are the marriages to other families that has given the tree it's many surnames, Teh, Liew, Siau, Chong, Hong, Wong and Oon to name a few..

5. It's Leaves are the many faces of distant relatives that I don't recognise.

6. It's Fruits (it's a mango tree by the way) are the many children borne out of the main trunk.

7. Sunshine that is soul food for the tree are the Christian and Catholic faiths that my family has chosen to embrace.

8. Water is the love that nourishes the tree.

9. The Shade it gives off is the history and sense of belonging that it provides.

10. How Old is this tree anyway? is the mystery that will forever surround the questions of when and how it started growing and who first planted it.

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