Friday, 7 October 2011

Tipsy Friend - Barbara of Little Chumsy's Blog

I have a fellow Malaysian mom blogger as my Tipsy Friend today. She and I are from the same hometown too and we even went to the same secondary school. But, we have never met. You think that you would have met everyone, living in a small town, but I guess there are some friends meant for you to meet in Blogosphere. 

I stumbled upon Barbara's blog through another mom's blog, a few months into blogging, and have since been stalking her. She's a very sweet and supportive bloggy friend and there is a certain cool and calmness about her blog persona; which I love. She writes about her everyday life as a mom to her lovely daughter, Ashley and a wife to her BBQ-loving husband. She is also into crafting and occasionally shares some of her craft-y work on her blog. I am so happy to have her here today to share one of her mini craft projects. I hope you enjoy Barbara's craft tips! Welcome to my bloghome Barbara!


When my dear blogger friend, Germaine asked me to be her Tipsy Friend, my first reaction was "Yay". I am so honoured. Then when the excitement cooled down, I began to feel scared because I don't know what to write. Germaine suggested that I do a post on craft since I love doing crafts :) My favourite is using kraft paper for wrapping. I also love visiting craft blogs for inspiration. I find crafting very therapeutic and I especially love giving something which I have made myself.

Thanks for letting me share my simple craft in your blog, Germaine :) Here is what I did recently.

I got some little gifts for my friends and instead of using a box to hold the items, I tied them together with twines. Then I decided to make gift tags using a discarded cardboard which I got from the grocery store and decorated them with paper doilies and a piece of flyer.

First, I cut out the tag using a craft scissors with scallop design.

Next, I cut out the heart shapes from the flyer and paper doilies, and glued them onto the cardboard as decoration. Punch a hole in the middle and slide the twine through it. Then, I wrote the messages at the back. This is a simple gift tag created using recycled material. I hope you like my low-cost gift wrap idea.


Now isn't that a fun, easy and green way to wrap a present? Thanks so much Barbara for being my Tipsy Friend today!

If you'd like to get to know Barbara a little more, please head over to Little Chumsy's Blog. You'll find lots more crafting ideas over there!
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