Thursday, 15 September 2011


This post was inspired by the award given to me by Kerry of It's The Little Things
and Janice of Mommy's Lounge

Thanks for the award Kerry & Janice!

I don't think I'm such a Versatile Blogger but I am definitely a Versatile Mom based on the the definition of "versatility" from Free Dictionary: Having varied uses or serving many functions

Here are my 'varied uses and many functions' as a mom....

As a Clown
When the kids need a good laugh. When it's time for fooling around. When silliness is in the air. When you need to chase the blues away. Mom Clown is here to save the day!

As a Maid
Need the laundry done? Your toilets cleaned? Your toys packed away? Your bums washed after a big one? Call 1800-MOM-MAID.

As a Personal Chef
Mademoiselle et Monsieur I present you.....

In case you're wondering, I don't speak French. These were Googled.
Barbara, please correct me if I'm wrong.

As a Teacher
A is for Atom. B is for Blog. C is for Comment.

As a Playmate (not the Hefner kind)
I can kick, throw and catch a ball. I can build robots and spaceships. I can even fetch a stick better than a dog can. I'm great at hide and seek and will often let you find me. I can blow big bubbles and play catch with you. Need a playmate? Call me.

As a Bodyguard
"Stand back, there's someone coming down the slide."
"Excuse me! Baby here! No pushing."
"I don't think you should climb on that, it looks dangerous"

As a Book Reader
This Book Reader is better than any digital book reader you can find in the market. It will actually read to you in it's sweetest voice {ahem}, several times of the same book if you like (up to a maximum of 5 on some days), and is willing to pause and answer questions along the way.

As a Milk Vending Machine

As a Law Enforcement Officer
You have the right to remain silent,
Anything you say or do now will make me angrier,
It was wrong for you to hit your brother
You better say you are sorry now or
I will hold all rights to junkfood
until you are old enough to buy your own.

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