Sunday, 18 September 2011

Why Losing Is Sweet

I had the most amusing time playing with my son yesterday. He's currently into inventing games. Games with rules that change to best suit his needs. 

We are going to play a game of racing. Choose your car.

Only, these cars don't race on their wheels, they race on these blocks...

You are suppose to move the car,
along with the blocks.
It's a challenging race I tell ya.

Okay, this is not a race. Remember, it's not a race. (??!)

Both our cars are at the starting line now waiting to start off the race-that-is-not-a-race....


My car (and blocks) got off to a great start and halfway through the race track...

Mommy! Why are you going so fast?! I told you this is not a race!

Okaaay, so I slowed down but still finished first. 

He was looking a tad disappointed, so I assured him that I didn't win the race since it wasn't a race. I just reached the end first. 

Okay! Now we are going to just use the cars. This time it is a race.

As soon as the race started, it looked like my car was going to reach the finishing line first again. But halfway through the race track, my son's car miraculously transformed into a flying jetplane and won the race. At this point, I called for the officials to disqualify him because he played foul.

Nooo, see, when your car hits this (then, and only then, did he put up his train-carriage markers), the car can fly.

Okaaay, so I called for a repeat race.

And this time, I won. 

Mommy! Your car cannot fly so high! It must fly low, like this...

Okay, fine. I can do that. So we raced again and I won. Again.

Mommy! You went out of the line. Your car must fly until here only, this point. (pointing to the end of the yoga mat which was our race track) You must change your car now.

I couldn't control myself at this point and burst out laughing at his attempts to make sure I never win.

Mommy! Stop laughing! Listen!

So, he disqualified my car and made me choose another one. And we raced again. 

This time, I let him win. The rules didn't change after that. He was smiling from ear to ear and happily went off to play with something else. I was still giggling inside.

Losing never felt so good.

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