Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Picnesday - Hangin' Out

What do you get when you match a Picture and a Wednesday?
A Picnesday of course!

Oh, I failed to tell you that Picnesday is my new youyou. I know there are already a thousand and one Wordless Wednesday linkies out there and well, I'd just be the thousand and second one here.

I figured I'll just come up with my own Wordless Wednesday linky because my pictures are never wordless anyway, and neither are they wordy, wordful or wordish. So, Picnesday is for the in-betweens like me. I like the idea of posting a picture on Wednesday and having it be the main focus of my post. So that is how my baby youyou Picnesday is born.  I will visit every linker (if I get any) and I urge you to visit other linkers as well and get to know some new friends. Please let me know in your comment, if the linky isn't working as this is my first time installing a linky on my blog. Thanks! So, grab my button, share a picture or pictures, write or don't write about it and link up if you like.

Hangin' Out

My kids' friends hung out recently for some sun bathing
after a spin around in the washer.

For the record, the big IKEA fluffy golden retriever up there on the rack
(top right, only legs showing)
just got washed after 2 years of being with us.
How often do you wash your kids' cuddly friends?

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