Sunday, 24 July 2011

What's That Heavenly Stink?

DURIANS of course!! (pronounced doo-ree-yen)

For those of my friends from over the seas, you might not be familiar with this fruit. It's called "durian" for a reason. As you can see, it has a hard thorny skin. "Duri" in Malay means 'thorns'.

It stinks just like how blue cheese would but only more heavenly. You have to smell it for yourself to know what I mean. It's like the sweetness of a fruit with blue cheese on something that died a couple of days back.

Here, take a sniff...

Look at that creamy stinkin' flesh...

Now you see it...

*nom nom nom*
Now you don't!

I hear angels singing


I. Love. Durians.

I have an aunt who lives in Australia and she's also a BIG FAN of durians. Bet she'll be salivating over these pictures. This one's for you Aunt Lily - not to torture you, but to motivate you to come back for a visit quick, because it's Durian Season!!!

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