Monday, 25 July 2011

My First Guest Post!!

I never knew I'd say this but I'm loving the idea of being swarmed by bees today. I'm guest posting at Bruna's Bees With Honey today. My first ever guest post. I'm truly elated and extremely excited. I would like to thank Bruna who has so graciously given me some space in her lovely bloghome to share my experiences as a mother.

Bruna has a meme called

Mama Teach Us

Every Monday she shares a post focused on activities and ideas that we as parents can try with our kids to foster learning through play. Isn't that just great? She also invites other bloggy parents to share their teaching and learning experiences through Mama Teach Us.

Please head on over to Bruna's, get to know her, follow her and give her a buzz if you'd like to contribute too. Comments here are closed today but I do hope you'll hop over to Bees With Honey to give me your support and your comment love over there, would you, pretty please? I am looking forward to replying your comments over at Bruna's. Thanks from the depths of my heart!

What did I write about? Here's a teaser: What do a cement mixer, Ikea and a fluffy teddy bear have in common? Please visit Bees With Honey to find out. See you there!
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