Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I'm sending out a note of thanks here to all my bloggy friends who have given me their encouraging comment love and support for my guest post over at Bees With Honey. You know who you are and I know it was a little awkward or maybe a little daunting for some of you to comment on a new mommy blog. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your effort. It has made my first guest posting gig such a wonderful experience. Also, thanks again to Bruna for having given me the opportunity.

You people are just such wonderful bloggy friends! I've never met any of you and would probably never have the chance to meet some of you, but I feel you have gifted me a special kind of friendship I will cherish forever. Sorry for sounding so soppy here. I'm just feeling an immense sense of gratitude now that I just have to express it or I'll get a headache today.

Love, Hugs and Wonderful Wishes
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