Thursday, 21 July 2011

Photo Guessing Fun #3 Answer

Thank you all for participating in yesterday's Photo Guessing Fun! Here's your BIG CYBER


Unfortunately, I don't have a winner this week.

Here's what I thought it was

A sausage bun
Praising mom and Saretta came close to my answer


Nooooo (my boy told me)

it's a

I know what you're thinking - how on earth could that be a shirt right? Well, this here little boy is a budding artist who aspires to draw as well as his mom. However he is more inclined to draw like Picasso at the moment.

So the A+ goes to 

For drawing something so beautifully abstract, that nobody could guess what it is.

Please check out some hilarious answers to yesterday's PGF.
(especially from RachMama Wants This and Home and Uncool)
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