Thursday, 21 July 2011

N is for Nonsense - Funniest Word Verifications

Warning: Nonsense overload. Kindly walk away if you don't have time to waste.

These are original word verifications that I've had to type before I could comment on some blogs. I actually find it a hassle to word verify before I comment but I've become accustomed to it. And to make the best of it I've decided to make it into a post. Don't worry, I didn't put a lot of thought in coming up with the meanings - it just came to me while I word verified. So here are some of the funniest I've encountered (with meanings)....

binap - when your biceps take a nap.

geniants - ants that can grant you 3 wishes. Just don't step on them.

apins - when you don't know your plurals from your singulars.

Traformas - Malaysian version of the Transformers.

friser - Frasier got fried.

agnes - someone I knew in school.

suckene - a nicer way to call someone who likes to suck.

whirrsep - how a China man says "worship"

flaskee - a good name for your dog

inessesh - trying to say INXS with a few teeth missing.

scrumbac - how Arnold Schwarzenegger would say "scumbag"

sioso - saying yes to Special Agent Oso in Spanish

Now you know why people have word verifications on their blogs - so that people like me have something to blog about.

Thank you for taking time to read my nonsense.

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