Friday, 10 June 2011

The Award Winners

I finally got awarded.

For writing nonsense on my blog. Woohoo!

And 2 awards at that!

*Clap Clap Clap*

*Crowd Cheering*

Thank you. Thank you.

This crazy and sweet mama of The Frantic Ravings of A Mother has awarded me my very first blog awards. She finds me versatile and stylish at the same time; just like herself. Thanks Miranda, I'm honored to receive these awards from you. (I'm actually assuming you're giving me both). You're a true bloggy friend! *HUGS*

Now in paying it forward.... (in no particular order)

The Versatile Blogger Award goes to *drum roll*

1. Jen of Runner Mom
2. Martha of Growing With Guidance
3. MG of Mumsgather
4. Rach of Life With Baby Donut
5. Jenny of I'm a Full-time Mummy
6. Elena of Mommy is In Timeout
7. Julie of Mamamash
8. Erica of freefringes

The Stylish Blogger Award goes to *drum roll*

1. Catheryn of PinkBibs
2. Carolyn of Lil' Dahling
3. Natalie of From Corporate To Domestic 
4. Barbara of Little Chumsy's Blog
5. Sheoh Yan of Blog With Yan
6. Yee Ling of Ling In De House
7. Janie of Hoo Goes Where
8. Jessica of My Time As Mom

(There are many great blogs out there that are deserving of awards. These are just some of them that I assume do not have these awards yet. Kindly return the award if you've already got one of these)

Now to enlighten you with 7 facts about myself...

1. I used to sleep as a hobby. I love sleepathons. My friends used to tell me I'm like a bear in winter - always hibernating. Sadly, my kids came and kicked me out of hibernation forever. Now, I can't even sleep through more than 2 hours before my clock-worked brain snaps me out of sleep mode.

2. I cried watching Kungfu Panda II. The part when mama panda had to leave poor little baby Po. *Sniff Sniff*

3. I had a crush on an animated guy. The handsome hunk who was turned into the Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Don't ask.

4. I detest folding my blanket and making my bed. I'm sloppy, yes, yes. And, this is one thing even having kids can't change.

5. I love watching T.V. kids don't know; and must NEVER know.

6. I hate cats. I don't mind kittens though. I apologise to cat lovers but I just don't like them. Why? Firstly our neighbour's cat ALWAYS pees on our shoes. Secondly, I can't stand the noise they make when they're DOING IT. Keeps me up the whole night wishing I was the one making the noise.

7. I like talking to old people who aren't senile yet. I like to listen to their stories. They are like walking, talking antiques. And I love antiques.

Dear Award Recipients,

Enjoy your awards and remember to 
1) Pay it forward (to as many blogs as you like - frankly I don't know what the rule is but I'm guessing it's between 5 to 15)
2) Spill the beans on 7 facts about yourself (the more embarrassing the better) 

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