Thursday, 9 June 2011

Why Have Kids?

I get my writing prompts from daily life, my kids, family, friends and of course from my crazy little head. Two weeks ago, some good friends of mine gave me a writing prompt - Why have kids?

When we got married, my husband and I pondered on this question. I'm sure many newlyweds do, before they decide whether or not they want to procreate. It's not an easy question to answer. After having 2 kids I still don't know the answer. So, why have kids?     *crickets chirping*

But, here are some of my thoughts after a little reflection on the question....

To make us better people
My kids have made me a more patient person, less self-centred, more hardworking, more humble, more giving and even smarter since I'm learning a lot of new things because of them. I realise these are values I'd like my kids to have and obviously as a parent, I try to set a good example. So yes, my kids have certainly made me a better person.

To live life with more meaning
Not that life is without meaning with just you and your partner; but after several years together, life can become mundane. You ask yourselves why did you get married in the first place? I somehow think that marriage is a license to have kids. If you don't want to drive, why get a driving license? If you don't want to kill anyone, why get a license to kill? (that's from watching too many movies). That's just my opinion. Okay, okay, besides the fact that it is also a love contract you sign to show your commitment to each other. Having kids will enrich your lives in so many ways, really. If you don't believe me, read my posts on Motherhood and Parenting.

To make your parents happy
I know it sounds kind of selfish, but if you really want to make your parents happy, give them grandkids. I don't know what's the big deal about being grandparents but I tell you, they are just over the moon about their grandkids (until they have to take care of them for more than a week, that is).

To do God's Will
I'm a Catholic and as a believer of Christ, I try to believe in the Bible. So, in the Bible, God said "go forth and multiply". I don't think he meant, "how much is 25 x 365".

To go with the flow
...of the circle of life, that is. Having kids is just part of life. You are born, you live, become an adult, have kids, see them grow up, have grandkids, grow old and you die. If our Creator did not want us to have kids, why else would He give us reproductive organs? He would have just given us a cucumber, a hole and some nerve endings.

So, my advice to you, my dear friends, from someone who's at a loss with this question, go forth and procreate, having just one wouldn't hurt!

After all they're really adorable little creatures.

Who turn into monsters once in awhile.

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