Friday, 6 May 2011

Mi, I Love You!!!

Hey, it's Mother's Day on Sunday. I see mommy bloggers out there getting all excited over the BIG day for mothers....I am too! I'm all excited because this year I get to dedicate a post to my mom on my very own blog. I've never written anything about my mom let alone pay tribute to her. I think it's about time. I have to get this post out by today before she leaves for her holiday in Shanghai tonight!

My mother....hmmmm.....where do I begin. She's been my mom for 1875 weeks (do some math if you want to know my age) - by default. Can't ask for a better mom than her. She's been there for me all these years through heartaches, headaches and now kiddoaches. She's got her own host of aches to deal with but she continues to be there for me no matter what. Taught me many lessons in life, just by being who she is...

She's one confused lady when it comes to her relationship with my dad - can't stand him but love him to bits. Taught me not to marry someone like my dad ......hahaha (made myself laugh with that)......just kidding Pa, don't get angry ah! It's taught me that in a marriage, we have to give and take in everything. Sometimes close one eye, sometimes close both. And, at the end of the day, love conquers all. (as cliched as it sounds, it does!)

She's also losing her memory, partly because she always tells herself that (law of attraction). It's taught me to start doing more Sudoku and eating more gingko pills.

She adores her grandkids and is a wonderful Popo to all little kids. It's taught me how easy it is to love kids other than my own.

She enjoys the simple things in life. Doesn't need a Gucci, a diamond (Pa, you're SO lucky!) or a pair of Jimmy Choos to make her happy. Just give her a glass of Cham Ice from Kluang Station, time with her grandkids, a long afternoon snooze and she'll be riding on high! I'm glad I've inherited that from her... although I wouldn't mind a diamond or two... (my hubby MUST read this!)

She's one true Hokkien lady who never wastes food, not even a morsel of rice left on the plate. It's taught me the true meaning of having food on our table, and how blessed we are.

She's emotionally vulnerable (aren't all women!) but can be SO strong when the occasion calls for her to be. She was our pillar of strength when my brother was dying of cancer. It's inspired me to also be that pillar of strength for my family when I'm faced with difficult times.

I've lost count of the number of times I've lost my temper with her. Times that often make me want to kick myself. I think a confession is in store....

Mi, you should know that for all those times that I've taken you for granted, I'm truly SORRY.(Since I can't be there with you in Ipoh, imagine me on my knees, kissing your feet). And, if I do it again, just give me a good kick on the tush!

So, here's wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! Have a wonderful time in Shanghai!


Hey Mi, you're on the web!!

And to all mothers out there, a Happy, Blessed Mother's Day!
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