Saturday, 16 April 2011

Grandma's Cough Mixture

My son's getting the sniffles and starting to cough again. I HATE it when the kids get sick. I'm thankful my kids don't get sick very often, but still, I HATE it when the kids get sick. Have you heard of Datuk Dr Rajen M.? He has a regular column in NST and writes about holistic medicine and remedies. I saved up this article of his, dated 2 Nov 2008, about making your own cough remedy from garlic and honey. This is what I give my kids now when they have a cough. I've stopped giving them over-the-counter paediatric cough drugs since a doctor friend of mine told me that they themselves don't give these things to their own kids. I'm talking about the common cough and cold here. Please do check with your paediatrician if you suspect your kids have something more serious. If you want to try making this cough remedy, here's the link to his recipe for grandma's cough remedy. The recipe is right at the end of the article under the heading 'Natural Alternatives'. Alternatively, I give them manuka honey which has antibacterial and healing properties. Or just plain old honey, it does help soothe your child's cough.

I gave my son this to help with his cough when he was 20 months old. His cough didn't go away even after finishing the whole bottle. One of the things I regret doing.

Can you spot the spider and it's prey?

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