Friday, 29 April 2011

Fraser's Hill - A Truly Relaxing Holiday!

I'm longing for a holiday.....I NEED a holiday and a relaxing one at that! And one that's kind on the pocket - I'm all for cheap holidays too. I've been looking at pictures of our holiday in Fraser's Hill 7 months ago when we celebrated my girl's 1st birthday up there. One of the best holidays I've had since the kids came. I know many parents will agree with me that there is no such thing as a relaxing holiday when you have to lug along the young ones. Holidays have been stressful affairs for our family - fun and memorable no doubt, but also very stressful.

Back to Fraser's Hill. We usually stay in this bungalow owned by Taiko as we could book it through a family friend who used to work there. Very quaint, spacious, cozy English-style cottage. But the bathroom gives me the creeps. It's very clean but a little too big and old.

Fraser's Hill is still very much untouched by commercialism. The air still feels fresh and clean. The Hill itself is still very forested. We were told that there were even sightings of tigers and wild boars there. Here's a sighting of a little wild boar caught on camera.............

Why I call this the most relaxing holiday? All you need to do is drive up, check in and wait for food to be served. Ample space for kids to run around inside as well as outside. Food is served 4 times (or more if requested) a day ; and what wonderful food. Don't bother taking any food or snacks up there because you wouldn't have the space for it.

Nothing really much to do except go out for walks and take in the fresh air. Night times can be a little boring unless you bring family games up to play. Oh, there's an idiot box there too, so no worries.

Yes, I do want another holiday up there......SOON!
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