Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Convenience of Having a Willy

I had wanted to write this post the day it happened but was too busy to get down to it then. It's really something I just have to blog about. Just last week.....drum roll please.......

............my contractor peed in my potted plant!

Yes, you read that right! Shh Shh, right into one of my favourite plants. I was SO shocked; and amused at the same time. He didn't realise I was home with my girl because my hubby had told him we would be going out and had passed him the key. I eventually did not follow my hubby out because my girl was still sleeping. So unbeknownst to my contractor, I was still in the house with my girl. I heard him open the gate and did not bother with him until I saw him standing very still against my wall, where my potted plants were, with one arm up and another down. In case you're wondering, I was watching him from my hall through curtained windows, and his back was facing me - thank goodness! I thought he was trying to fix my pipe or something until I saw him turn to his side and zip up his pants! Gosh, to think that he would rather pee on my plant than pee in the coffee shop where he had breakfast before coming. My plants must have looked so bad to him that he thought he should fertilise them!

It reminded me of when I was stuck in a jam for 4 hours coming back from Jalan Ampang, back when I was still working. All the cars were bumper to bumper, literally inching their way along the highway. Then, I started seeing male drivers coming out of their cars to relieve themselves by the bushes along the side of the road.

It also reminded me of an incident in a restaurant not too long ago where a mother took out an empty plastic bottle for her son to pee in.....standing on his high chair.....in the middle of a crowded restaurant....with lots of people eating their food! And that boy was not a very small boy, about 3 or 4 maybe. Can you imagine that?!

The only time we let our son pee in the open is when we are at a park and there isn't a toilet nearby. Even then we'd try to take him as far as possible, to a secluded area of the park. But, for a grown man to do it in someone's potted plant - TOTALLY unacceptable! Well at least, hubby and I had something to laugh about that day.

So, really, how convenient it is to have a willy!
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