Friday, 25 March 2011

Skills You Acquire When You Become a Mom

There are things I can do now that I never, ever thought I could.....ever. Motherhood brings forth new skills and helps uncover hidden talents. Try it to find out what you're capable of. These are some of the skills I've acquired since becoming a mommy.

1. Eat baby food, swallow it and still flash a smile to your baby.
2. Transform Bumble Bee into a car with lightning speed.
3. Untangle a slinky with lightning speed.
4. Have 5 hours of sleep daily for 5 years and still function well.
5. Make playdough.
6. Help a child poop. (and I mean literally help pull out his you-know-what)
7. Cook while carrying a baby. (Caution: Very dangerous. TRY not to do this at home)
8. Pee while carrying a baby.
9. Blow really HUGE bubbles.
10. Eat porridge for a whole year.
11. Eat kuey teow soup when dining out for a whole year.
12. Watch Barney.
13. Watch Toy Story over and over and over again.
14. Remember the names of all the cars in Pixar's Cars.
15. Selective Deafness Syndrome
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