Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I Used to Be Able to.....

....enjoy a bar of chocolate on the couch. Now I hide in the corner to have my chocolate fix so that my boy doesn't see his supposedly candy-free mother stuffing her face with chocolate. with both hands. Now I have to carry my girl with the other.
....enjoy a nice quiet meal with my husband. Now we have to take turns to eat while the other takes care of the little one.
....go to a cinema to watch a movie. Now, I don't even remember what a cinema looks like.
....chew my food. Now I just swallow. CSI Las Vegas on T.V.. Now I have to settle for Barney, High Five and The Little Einsteins or have the T.V. switched off.
....waste time doing nothing. Now, I have no time to waste time doing nothing.
....sleep at least 8 hours a day. Now I'm lucky if get 5.
....listen to my favourite pop music on radio. Now I have to listen to "Toddler Tune Time" and "Favourite Nursery Rhymes".
...keep my house neat and tidy. Em....sorry was never able to do that anyway (yes, sloppy mom).
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