Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I've been screaming a lot more since the kids came. No, you don't actually hear them. They're usually in my head. You see, it's one of those things that mothers have learnt to do - suppress their screams in front of the kids. Let me give you a scenario:

The cast: KK (my son), GG (my daughter), Mommy (me)

Scene 1
It was an uneventful evening, when suddenly "MMwaaaaahhhh.....Moommyyyy, GG hit me with a toy!!!....mmwwahhhh" KK yelled. Mommy was preparing dinner in the kitchen and thought not again. Mommy went out to see what the commotion was all about. "GG! No hitting!. You cannot hit KK! You understand?! No!" Mommy reprimands GG. KK snuggles up to Mommy for some comfort. GG becomes jealous and possessive, and starts pushing KK off Mommy. KK retaliates by squeezing her arm. GG starts crying. Mommy's chicken stew in the kitchen starts smelling like charcoal. Mommy leaves the scene to save her dinner. GG runs after her, screaming. KK's still sobbing in the background.

Scene 2
Mommy's trying to figure out what will go well with burnt chicken stew for dinner. GG grabs her leg, screaming like a banshee, demanding to be carried. Mommy carries her while trying to salvage her chicken stew. GG starts squeezing Mommy's breast demanding her fix. Mommy refuses and GG starts squirming and yelling even louder.

Scene 3
While Mommy was trying to pacify GG, "Mommmmy......Mommmmmy..........MOMMY!" KK yells from the hall. "YES!" a flustered Mommy answers back from the kitchen. "I spilled my milk on the couch!"

Scene 4
Mommy screams (in her head) ....."AARRGGHHH!"

What you can do in these situations - Take a DEEP breath, a REAL DEEP breath, one that fills up your lungs entirely. Let out a BIG SIGH (Yes, let it ALL out). Scream again  if you need to (in your head). Count to 10 (or more). There, you'll find yourself in a calmer state to clean up the mess, salvage your chicken stew, prepare dinner and let your daughter have her fix!

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