Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I Want My Son To Give My Eulogy

Today, after our dinner of homemade pizza, I made the kids a nice fruit punch to wash it all down. It came as such a pleasant surprise to my son that he said..

"Mommy, thank you so much, I'll love you forever..."

He'll love me forever over a fruit punch?! Well, of course I'd have to clarify,

"You'd love me forever over this?"

Giving me a sheepish smile, he said "Well of course not over just this..." and thinking very hard continued to say "I'd love you forever...

for everything that you've done
for taking care of me
for reading to me
for helping me read
and most of all
for loving me."

I choked up after hearing all that and in response to his eloquent declaration of love for me, I said

"Awww...I feel like crying now", and shed a tear...or two.

"I know, some people cry when they are too happy"

Yes, my son, I was more than "too happy". I would have stood up and did the Riverdance if I knew how to.

Then I ran to my desk and quickly wrote down what he just said. Can't rely on my mommy brain these days. Seriously, the other day, while talking to a friend, I was trying to recall the name of a car that was "Alphard" but kept thinking "Narnia". I don't know what's up with my brain cells recently.

Where was I?

Ah yes, then all of a sudden I grew wings and became angel mom for the rest of the evening when usually, by sundown I would morph into a cross between a mother of two on the verge of psychosis and a military sergeant from hell.

Thank you my baby boy, you sure made my evening and certainly the rest of my life.

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