Monday, 11 June 2012

Fondant is "Disgusting"

So says my son - the self-proclaimed fondant expert.

Oh, it's not just any kind of fondant mind you. It's the kind that covers a cake worth over RM400 (about USD125).

It was a discovery so profound that he couldn't keep to himself. He decided to declare it for all to hear - the birthday girl (his classmate), her parents (who spent all those Ringgits on that lovely fondanted cake), his other friends and their parents too.

I. Didn't. Know. Where. To. Hide. Myself.

So, I laughed. Hahaha...ha.....and grinned a little.

Then he decided to share his findings with one of his other friend who happened to be a fondant expert herself too. Her conclusion of said fondant - "yucky".

So they went on for a bit about how "disgusting" and "yucky" the fondant tasted.

I carried on grinning.

And heaved a BIG sigh of relief when they ended their discussion and went off to play.

This has got to be the first time I felt a little (understatement) embarrassed about what my kid said. So, I thought a little talk about what happened was in order when we got back home.

Lets say you're a chef who prepared a dish for a customer. Your customer tastes it and thought it "disgusting". Do you think you'd like to hear him tell you that it's disgusting or yucky? No, right? So you give him positive feedback. Like telling him it could do with a bit more salt or pepper...

My son drew a blank look which I don't know now is it because he didn't understand what I just explained or because he was trying to poop. Yes, we had the talk while he was trying to do a biggie.

So you didn't like the sugar on the cake. It's not very polite to use words like disgusting or yucky, even when you do think it's disgusting. Next time, come and whisper it to me okay?

Okay Mommy.......I'm done.

I need to choose a better time and venue for our talks next time.

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