Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Picnesday - I Make, Therefore I Sew

I've been bitten by Pinterestus Sewingitus. It's a sewing bug that lives in Pinterest. People, I've been sewing like there's no tomorrow! Part of the reason why I haven't been blogging much. I've heard the only cure for a Pinterestus Sewingitus bite is to close your Pinterest account and get rid of your sewing machine.

Yes, yes, I can sew....I think. But I have also been guilty of many a "sewing crime"....

Have you ever seen stitches that messy before?

If you're too lazy to snip those loose threads, just leave them be - they'd add to the effect.

Yes, some fabrics do look good frayed.

I don't really enjoy sewing but I LOVE what I can make when I sew. I know, what a predicament right? And, don't get me started on thread tension - it drives me crazy trying to get it right! Anyway, here's one of my sewing projects lately, inspired by this site.

Something to go into my kids' dress-up box.

Well, at least this little girl doesn't mind my sewing crimes :)

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