Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photo Popsicle Stick Puzzles

I've been busy lately. Busy making busy bags for my kids to keep them busy during times they need to be kept busy. I know, an iPad or an iPhone would do the trick anytime but I'm out to prove to...to....to myself that kids do not need to be entertained by electronic devices!

So, here's an easy and fun craft to make for your busy bag or activity pack or whatever you want to call it. I first chanced upon this idea on Pinterest. I'd give credit to the site if I can remember which one it was. But anyway, these puzzles are easy to carry around and comes in handy when the kids need a little something to do.

Here are the things you need...

I used photos because I had a stack of photographs I didn't know what to do with. You can actually use any printed material or even have your child draw something on the popsicles.

1. Arrange your popsicle sticks and cut your photo down to size.

2. Apply glue on the back of your photo and stick the sticks on. The stoopid me applied glue to every stick instead.

3. Before the glue sets, use a blade and cut in-between the sticks. That way the sticks are still a little movable and easier to cut through.

And voila! Your very own Personalized Photo Popsicle Stick Puzzle or pPPSP!

The clever me decided to stamp them for easier identification.

 Consider the advantages of pPPSPs over iPads
1. More parent-child interaction.
2. More parent-child eye contact.
3. More fingers involved.

Now, wouldn't you like your child playing with pPPSPs instead?
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